Sarika Kharbanda

Certificate of Attendance Foundation Workshop ICAgile Certified Professional - Agile Talent (ICP-AHR) Authorized Instructor Lean Change Agent Facilitator Silver IC Agile Authorized Instructor

I am a Global Change Hacker and Lean Change agent who

1) influences organisational culture through artful interventions

2) explores how to nudge change forward by understanding and valuing different perspectives

3) believes and lives with being comfortable with uncertainty and complexity in the VUCA world today.

I am passionate about co-creating change with businesses, leadership, teams and individuals across the organisation with HR, Contracting, Business, IT and the like.

I help businesses, leadership, teams and individuals build an adaptive growth mindset and on-board them on a path to agility; agility that allows them to respond and adapt in the VUCA world today.

I have more than 22 years of experience and have been instrumental in leading change transformations globally across Singapore, Poland, the Nordic countries, Europe, UK and India with technology, insurance and financial sector organizations such as the DBS Bank, Nordea Bank Danmark.

I host a talk show on 'Perspectives of Change' that allows exploring how to nudge change forward by understanding and valuing different perspectives.

I am the conference chair of 2 global conferences that are now in India: Spark the Change India and Business Agility India. 

    Attendees feedback

    Rajesh Tamhane , ThoughtWorks

    Sarika displays very high energy and enthusiasm. She keeps the audience engaged at all times and gets the audience to participate in conversations and brings out their experience. The difference between a good trainer and a great trainer is how their experience shines through. Sarika's experience shines through with her use of anecdotes and real world examples. Overall, she is an excellent facilitator and I couldn't have asked for more.


    Sarika was awesome, highly impressed by her oratory, way of demonstration and interactive workshop

    M V Balasubramanyam

    Hands on with the content and confident delivery of the module.

    Rajesh Tamhane

    She has excellent verbal communication skills. She keeps the audience engaged, asks questions that encourage participants to engage and knows how to get her audience to share their experience with others. Her own experience shines through

    Kuldeep Bhatnagar , Tieto

    Apart from having a good command over the content of Management 3.0, Sarika, from her expererience and knowledge could share lot of ideas and practices.

    Amit Khandelwal

    Connect Query Resolving Content covering Allowing active participation from participants open to learn share and discuss

    dheeraj waghmode

    Facilitator was able to connect with us in a good way

    Vivek Ganesan , SolutionsIQ

    * Open to questions any time * Training through dialogue rather than through monologue

    Vinoth Vanaraj

    Very experienced with Agile companies and with their processes

    Jerry Rajamoney , Visa

    clarifying the underlying concepts, providing real time example, always engaged with audience

    Shaveta Mehta

    Interactive Attentive Focused

    Meghana Parwate

    Sarika's course demonstrates her knowledge of the subject. Also she has high energy levels which make learning fun.

    Dileep Appupillai Vasumathy , Infinite Computer Solutions India Ltd.

    Excellent Presentation Skills & Energy

    dheeraj waghmode

    Good presentation Able to answer our queries

    Bhushan Patil , Decos Software Development Pvt Ltd

    1. Sarika kept the session interesting throughout. Even on the weekend energies did not drop through the 2 days workshop.

    Kanu Dhakhada

    Content of agenda was really good and exercises

    bas Van liere

    global knowledge of cultures

    Vijay Kankhare

    - Explanation was good - Liked the agreements set for the workshop - Topic coverage was nice - New learning about management specially delegation

    Ravinder Singh , Sunlife India Service Centre Pvt Ltd

    Energy, Knowledge and Coverage of the Subject Area, Practical Examples

    Babu Reddy Alla

    Both facilitators are very well sync to deliver the content and activities in very interactive and engaging way. Entire two days session facilitated well balanced with theory, activities, role plays and videos. Both facilitators are excellent listeners and coaches

    Venkatesh R , tryScrum

    Professionalism Good listening skills

    Ravikumar chitirala

    Engaging and inclusive conversations. Also structure thru which concepts are applied as a workout during the session.

    Aparna Rayapeddi

    trainer has a wealth of knowledge on the subject, the ease and the pace of the course with which she carried the session was impressive. i liked the session without a ppt presentation.

    Shaveta Mehta , Director, News Technology Services

    I would highly recommend Sarika for the Agile, Safe and Management trainings, she is one of the best ever trainers I have come across in my career. Her meticulous planning and practical yet fun filled methodology to train participants make the intense workshops look easy. Her industry expertise shows through real world scenarios she takes throughout the two day practical exercise. I will be able to apply the lessons learnt at my work in long run very easily. I feel that a training is successful when all the attendees discuss it during breaks/lunch and they all get involved, all the time. With a diverse group, in her training sessions, it is expected that lot of the discussion by the participants may be about the various tailored versions of AGILE that they follow in their organization. It is to Sarika’s credit that she ensures that the team is focused on the core concepts. Things delivered through training were so easy to grasp and apply on our day to day projects. They not only impart in depth knowledge about everything but also support you after the training. Her way of delivering things and sharing knowledge is entirely different. The growth is experienced in her workshops - Highly Recommended!

    Evija Geka

    very experienced and positive facilitator

    Ujjwal Prakash SINHA , GfK

    Interactive and engaging. Good knowledge.

    Bimal Parida , Verizon

    1. Her explanation was short, concise and to the point. 2. She always encouraged two way communication. 3. She answers questions and cleared doubts with practical examples. 4. She kept the pace of the session good.

    Angsuman Chaudhuri

    Facilitation skill and creating a friendly learning environment. Story telling skill to make us understand the subject better.

    Sattwik Mohanty

    Made the sessions interactive

    Mizanur Rahman , Techmasters

    engagement with participants, bringing real life examples

    Arjun Majumdar

    Experience, presentation skills, knowledge

    Balakrishnan Swaminathan , VERIZON INDIA

    Had Open conversations Facilitated discussions well Enabling the participants to link it back to practical usage

    Srinivas Rao

    Clear , well Planned and energized

    Balakrishnan Swaminathan , VERIZON INDIA

    Her exposure and experience in transformation and practicality of approaching change

    Edylin Caparros

    calm, engaged, knowledgeable of her topic that she could answer any questions and clarifications. makes the workshop fun and relatable

    Purandhar Krishnamurthy

    1. Good exposure and knowledge 2. Allowed team members to discuss internally 3. Focused on topic of discussion

    Vasanthan Philip

    Interesting, jovial, friendly, good listener, good facilitation skills

    Pramod B Adate , Capgemini India

    Examples experience, clear definitions and time boxing

    Nilesh Kulkarni , ThoughtWorks

    facilitation skills, great examples shared great conversations as change agent

    Sandeep Bhavsar

    Engaging team members into conversation

    Ketan Tailor

    Good orator with right examples to share out of experience Excellence facilitator skill

    Atulya Krishna Mishra , Deustche Bank Group

    Rich experience in training and heading change across the Enterprise with multiple org.

    Rafeeq Ahmad

    Persistence . Ability to convey things in different perspectives

    Ahmed Zafor Sadeq Bhuiyan

    Example & activity orianted

    Shah Md. Rijvi Rony

    Engaging, approachable, knowledgeable

    Mriganka Majumdar , IBM

    Facilitator was knowledgeable and experienced. She shared her relevant experiences

    Arijit Sarbagna

    - Full of energy - Always paying attention to details - Encouraging discussion and real life experiences

    Tawfiq Mohammad Abdus Sattar

    knowledge and presentation skill

    Anand Pandey , WTW

    Engagement with trainees and in-depth knowledge along with real stories behind the practices.

    Nithin Georgy Alexander

    Supportive, happy, fun loving

    Naresh Datta HP

    Facilitators were quite experienced in the industry whereby they were able to clarify all the questions that learners wanted to have deep understanding.


    Very Adaptive and Awesome

    Mahesh Dayalan , Airbus Group India Private Limited

    Excellent Communication and Use cases

    Sumit Sethi , Opentext

    Prompt, enthusiastic, energy, patience and I felt she was very clear with her ideas

    Ritesh Kumar Agrawal

    Great facilitator, good knowledge on the subject.

    Mohammad Umar Farooq , Goibibo

    Clarity of Explanation, Experience Sharing & Humbleness

    Pratik Pahlajani , SAP

    Very open to ideas, Helped the group learn using real life cases and examples.


    1. Gave practical examples from her experience 2. Lots of exercises kept it fun filled

    Viswanatha sivam Krishnamurthy , Shree yuti ventures pvt Ltd

    \"Respect\' and \'Courage \'

    Thirumalesh CA , redBus

    Good Listeners and knowledgeful

    Ashwini Gopalakrishnan , Odessa

    She is ready to hear out from the crowd and discuss on the topics. It was completely activity oriented, not ppt oriented.

    Vijay Srinivasarao

    Calm and composed, good listener, connected well with audience, open for feedback

    Sumith Varghese , Subex Ltd

    She was always Vibrant and Happy . Also was able explain the concept simple as possible.

    Genevieve Prithi

    The way the course was structured to ensure we understand the practices was very good. The facilitators were very engaging and helped us to understand the intent of the course using the Techniques was a good hands on for us.

    Anoop kumar CHEMBAN , SCB

    Real Time experience sharing

    Santhanam Ganesan

    Engaged everyone throughout the workshop, interactive & Fun packed learning session.

    Rajeev Raj Dharma Raj

    Knowledgeable, Open, made the class active with activities.

    Vijaisree RamaIyengar , Allstate Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

    Interest to engage folks, being mindful about the attendees who were not into Agile and its practices while explaining topics

    Tanmoy Das , IG

    With great communication skills, the facilitator is able to create a healthy interaction among the participants, able to create an inclusive environment .

    Sukesh PM

    Good narrator, good listener and good presenter too.

    Sudha Chandrashekar

    Trainer was extremely knowledgeable, organized, experienced, thought full,result oriented, problem solver

    Susil Kumar

    Good in engaging audiences.. explained and gave great examples a

    Himani Rathore , Opentext

    Expressive, Sharing their experiences, Effectively listening to the queries of the group

    karthik chokkaraman

    trainer had some good real experiences and they were shared

    Anoop Jose , Allianz

    Kept the discussion interesting. Discussing techniques withe real life examples.

    Isman Tanuri , Elisan Partners

    Engaging and has a depth of past experiences to call upon.

    Prasid Thomas Alexander , Finastra

    Highly interactive, engaging

    Binod Mathew Maliel

    Interactive, gave good examples

    Cipson Thomas

    Connected with the participants

    Gargi Sinha , TrisysIT

    Keep the audience engaged throughout the training

    Ajay Pisal

    Engaging audience effectively, effective story telling based on the real experience.

    Viji Menon , Vivitsu Innovative Solutions

    Explaining the concept

    Muthiah ChinnaLakshmanan , Intellect Design Arene


    Gaurav Singh

    Motivation, leadership

    Srividya Misra

    Engaged the audience

    Meena Bopaiah

    High energy. Kept the class active

    Lopamudra Misra

    Engaging, interactive, relaxed and knows her stuff

    Dhurka Natchiyar Chinnaiyan

    Sarika is an amazing instructor. Kept all attendees engaged for the whole 2 days, even during the post lunch hours :). The team learning exercises were super fun. The memories will stay in mind for quite long than having to refer notes.

    Murugesh Kumar

    Keeping the participants engaged

    Sumi Viswanathan , Opentext

    Knowledgeable, Made the session very interactive

    Deepthi yeragudipati

    Stating the intent and helping the audience to come up with solution

    Srikanth Bharadwaja

    Energetic and knowledgeable

    Praveen Nelanti

    Excellent orator with command and knowledge

    Kalpana Chandika , Bank of America

    Activity based learning

    Venkatasubramanian Srinivasan , ValueMonemtum

    Sarika used lot of real time examples and she rightly coupled them in the workshop context

    Priyanka Mittal

    Facilitated all tools and techniques very well

    Vishal Kulkarni

    Communication, Listening Skills, Mastery on the Subject and Excellent and Relevant Examples

    Saurabh Tiwari , Bank of America

    Energetic, Engaging, People friendly, Fluent and more.

    Purohit Laxmikant

    Clarity on the topics and lots of practical insights

    Raghunadha Raju , Bank of America

    Confident and engaging

    Tahira Shameem , M3.0

    • Sarika is good, balanced, experienced, had appropriate examples to explain the questions from the attendees. • She ensured 2-way communication all through thereby ensuring the session was all engaging and fun. • Her talk was making sense and her co-relation of practices with relevant examples made the learning more practical.

    Yash Pal

    Great in detailing things Good facilitator Curious Focused on what people need

    Prabhat Verma

    She did a good job especially covered the concepts through activities.

    Sumit Sethi , Opentext

    She was good in sharing experiences, very good with explaining the why part of things. I was impressed how the activities were evenly distributed and linked. She made us all reflect how change effects.

    Lopamudra Misra

    Hands on, knowledgeable.

    Jude Valan Dilip

    Articulation and well explained concepts.

    Jayaram Hegde

    Engaging, interactive, fun and more importantly lot of opportunity to have open communication

    Sriram TS

    Energetic and spreading it to all throughout the 2 full days. The way she kept us engage in the whole workshop that not even a single yawning soul was there. All with our real time use cases that we could immediately relate to.

    Arun Kumar Paspuleti Narasimhulu

    Time Management, Engaging the crowd, Techniques of Training From the back of the room, Good case studies

    Vidhya Subramanian

    Has high energy and very good knowledge

    Santhanam Ganesan

    Very good facilitator, having sound knowledge in LEAN change management.

    Vijaisree RamaIyengar , Allstate Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

    To keep everyone engaged, clarity on what could be expected out of the workshop and patience in making sure everyone's concerns are addressed either in class or offline!


    Sharing a lot of practical examples

    Srividya Misra

    Explaining the content via activities

    Sandeep P R

    The two day workshop was fun filled and lots of learning. Sarika was sharing her real life experience in implementing Lean Change Management. Also it was good to see that she was respecting client agreement thereby not revealing the client name rather sharing the situation and how she experimented with LCM. Keeping the participants engaged. Connecting the dots i.e. the flow and giving apt examples. The best part was Sarika agreeing to experiment along with me by being my coach on Lean Change.

    Senthil Nathan

    I liked her experience in the industry.

    Talha Siddiqui , Bank of America

    Good and vast experience. Was able to connect well with the members. Very interactive session

    Prashant Shinde

    Engaging , sharing real life experience

    SriPhaniKrishna Chinnapuvvula , Brillio technologies

    Open discussion, case studies, taught tools and techniques through active team participation, different varied perspectives and timeboxing. The session was entirely interesting and practical/real-time scenarios

    Vikram Bilgikar , HSBC

    Explanation with real example and creating an environment to share the experience

    Atul Bhandari , Ohmic Research India Pvt. Ltd.

    Excellent communication skills and experience

    Manoj Khairnar , Metrohm India Ltd

    Good communication. Explains the topic with examples/stories. Appropriate answer to the asked queries. Maintaining the joyful and healthy training environment.

    Dipak Khairnar , Metrohm

    Good presentation skill. Shared practical experience and different situations

    Santosh Shelar , Ohmic Research India Private Limited ( Metrohm Group Company)

    Sarika is a very excellent facilitator with very good knowledge of agile development and agile leadership. Her communication and engaging skills are best.

    Jayaram Hegde , ANZ

    Engagement of people Storytelling Interactive learning

    Rumesh Wijetunge , APPTRA Holdings (Pvt) Ltd.

    Very resourceful, good in explaining things plus getting participants engaged.


    Strong Coaching Background Super Facilitation Interactive

    Janani Liyanage , Virtusa Pvt. Ltd

    Visual, Interactive and expressive

    sarah boorman

    high energy, knowledgable, friendly, very enthusiastic for the topic, fun!

    Helgi Gudmundsson

    Good balance of facilitation and practise, with knowledge sharing and giving plentiful concrete examples.

    Julia Powell

    Welcoming and friendly facilitator, open and honest in sharing experiences, adapted sessions to meet needs of group as required - went above and beyond to do this and showcase new tools e.g. sococco

    Abhishek Gupta , UST Global

    Highly engaging with active listening skills

    Amit Chakraborty , Cognizant Technology Solutions

    Friendly, empathy, depth of knowledge

    Ashan Nirialla , Ceylon Solutions

    Always related the techniques to the practical scenarios and illustrated with examples. The sessions were delivered very interactively. The energy was excellent. Always answered the questions and clarified any doubts on concepts and techniques. Was very knowledgeable on related topics such as agile, lean change management, coaching and facilitating.

    Krishna Reddy Machapalley , Cummins Technical Center India

    Ensure sessions are energied, all sessions started with good happy hours and ended with feedback. Each feedback she use to address and asked is that covered and that\'s what you are expecting. This was rear quality which I noticed, very few facilitators have this quality.

    Partha Sarathi Dash , Eurofins

    Sarika as a trainer was full of energy, enthusiasm and had pragmatic examples for us to relate to all the topics we covered very well. She was awesome in exemplifying the interrelation of topics.

    Manohar Nibhanupudi , S&P Global

    Excellent communicator Had clarity on what she is delivering Will help in clarifying all the questions Never makes session boring.

    Raja Vuppu

    good knowledge on the training content

    Santosh Shelar , Ohmic Research India Private Limited

    Sarika is excellent facilitator with very good knowledge and experience on the subject.

    Ankur Mistry , Casepoint

    Very well organised events activities and agenda, communication was very good. All activities and group discussion and facilitation was excellent.

    Colleen Leclercq , Connect EQ

    Sarika is a phenomenal facilitator. Her way of being and how she holds space for everyone is excellent.

    Vladimir Kelava

    The real-life experience ... for me this is the best quality that someone who teaches others should have

    Samuel Popoola

    She\'s very experienced. The scenarios and activities were top notch. I am happy I learned from her.

    Shalini Mahale , Opentext

    Sarika had indept knowledge on the topics, extended help to clear any doubts post session and was very approachable.

    Daniel Hettrick , Division 9 Interactive, Inc.

    Great communicator

    Rahul Mukherjee , KyoTek Corp

    I believe she is perfect

    Ken Rickard , Insight Digital Innovation

    Well-spoken, had lots of experience to share, worked to make sure everyone was included in the conversation, kept things moving along.

    Jagjinder Singh Jaggi

    Getting everyone to participate Timely intervention and sticking to Schedule Industry experience

    Albert Yeo Boon Leong , Temasek Polytechnic

    Engaging, helpful, thoughtful

    Mohamed Aamir Hussain , S.D

    Facilitator was very warm, encouraging, very knowledgeable in the subject.

    Prasanna Sathyanarayanan , MagikSquare Inc

    Clear, knowledgeable, engaging

    Fernanda Duran , ING Diba

    Patient, accessible, available

    Viola Dielhenn

    Authenticity Real life experience Adaptability to feedback Good pace High level of energy and concentration

    Maciej Radyno , TomTom

    wide knowledge

    Nicholas Fendel

    Sarika did a great job explaining characteristics of the model in combination with her profound experience in consulting and change management. She reacted to feedback very professionally and adapted as requested. The overall atmosphere was very nice - Sarika managed to have everyone feel safe and try things.

    Anja van Beek

    She is very aware of the groups need and listen to feedback. She has shared many real-life examples where she has used these practices. I have been exploded to some of the M3.0 practices and Sarika has explained it much better than my previous exposure to the tools.

    Julian Roeder

    Energetic, open-minded, clear

    Daniele Simione , TomTom Germany GmbH & Co. KG

    Very much prepared with good real life examples.

    Jitendra Kumar Kalagatoori Archakam

    Engaging the Audience, providing apt examples, making the environment safe for sharing views, mastery of management


    Absolutely 💯. I will attend her sessions over and over again and refer her.

    Sowmya Malakkaran

    Sarika created an environment where everyone were safe to share their views. Sarika was a good listener and explained the concepts and queries in detail.

    Abu Sarkar , HR Canvas

    Engaging the audience, relating different scenarios, facilitating & an excellent speaker.

    Dhananjaya Sharma , WorkMatters

    1) Good hold on concepts 2) She took efforts to elaborate and explain each technique with valid examples 3) Able to maintain engaging environment of the virtual room throughout 4) Willing to devote some extra time both before and after the sessions, if required 5) Promoted healthy and practical discussions

    Waqas Anwar

    Enthusiasm and real life examples

    Asim Habeeb , symplr

    knowledgeable, casual, open and helpful

    Sushil Tanna

    Knowledgeable, Very interactive, Articulate, Fun

    Rajesh Muraleedharan P

    Made all the candidates very comfortable, addressed each ones questions and gave enough personal attention and clarifications wherever required

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