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Jason is an IT professional, turned developer, turned internationally acclaimed author and speaker.


Yeah, he really is a rockstar!

Jason began his career in IT. His first supervisor at the call centre where he worked was so impressed with his drive and initiative, she called him a rockstar.

Little did she know, he’d actually become one. Seriously, you can find his solo music here as he writes songs, plays in multiple bands and also produces music.

But back to the book.

It was a cold day in the great white north and Jason was tired of those people who just didn’t get it. He was frustrated with the lack of progress of an agile transformation he was working on in the mid-late 2000’s he decided to write a blog post that would change everything.

Jason literally built the bandwagon today’s ‘change experts’ have jumped onto, but he doesn’t mind sharing his ride.

After that blog post, Jason has spent his career blazing the trail in the agile change management space with one ultimate goal: Help change agents love what they do by bucking the status quo.

Lean Change Management is the world’s greatest book about applying lean and agile to change management, but don’t take our word for it, read the reviews below.

4.3/5.0 rating on Amazon with over 300 reviews (all languages)

 I found this book to be extremely helpful in regards to brushing up on change management concepts and new philosophies as it relates to the concept of lean. The examples are great, particular those related to lean coffee’s and insight sessions.

Travel Girl, Verified Amazon Purchaser

If you have experienced hitting a wall with your agile transformation or adoption this is a must read

J. Lewis, Verified Amazon Purchaser

For months I was working on an Agile transformation with a client, trying different things to move the needle forward. I found it difficult to design, organize, track, and communicate what I was working on. LCM was a game changer for me as it enabled me to do all of those things in a light-weight framework that just made sense. What I love most about LCM is that it uses Agile thinking and methods to do Agile (or other) transformations. The way Jason lays out how to convert insights into options and into experiments just makes sense! Ever since introducing LCM at my client, I’ve been able to build the organizations Change Agent network and now work with that team to continue the movement forward, moving the organization forward towards the target state.

Jonathan Rozenbilt